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Sam  Kayode 


 Samuel Kayode who has been a case manager for 10 years. Samuel Kayode has worked in human services for almost 16 years. After graduating in 2009 from Morgan state University with a degree in Sociology. In 2010 Samuel Kayode was hired to work as a case manager with the Maryland Department of Human Services in Baltimore city for 6 years. He was assigned to the Baltimore City Department of Social Services providing case management services to children in foster care. Samuel was assigned a caseload of 14 to 20 children ages 0 to 20 years old. Samuel was responsible for home visits, scheduling medical appointments, attending court hearings, conducting home inspection, investigating sexual and Physical abuse, Interviewing family members for custody and guardianship and documenting face to face visits. In 2016 Samuel worked as an investigator with Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. Samuel was assigned to central booking intake facility. Samuel prepared defendant’s cases for bail review, Samuel worked with police officers, and states attorneys in the war room to prepare case files for bail review. Samuel also interviewed defendants to obtain personal information for bail review. In 2017 Samuel worked as a service coordinator with service coordination for 3 years. Samuel worked with Adults with disabilities, Samuel assisted his clients with needed services such as residential services, day program services, employment services, transportation, mental health services, and legal services. Samuel conducted quarterly home visit, send waiver referrals to Maryland Department of disabilities, communicate with Care providers, investigate and report physical and sexual abuse.

Samuel earned a bachelor's degree in sociology from Morgan State University and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Phoenix University. 

Ola Kayode

Vice-President /Administrator